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Bald Head

Latex bald wig cap for a realistic skinhead, suitable for a whole host of outfits from gangster to old man

Bald Monk Wig

Nothing completes the monk look like this monk bald head wig. An idea accessory if your looking to dress up as Friar Tuck.

Comb-Over Headpieces

This comb over head piece can help complete a variety of costumes from 70s disco stud to nerd

Grandmother Wig in polybag

Fast forward the clocks and instantly become and gandmother with this wig

Granny Wig

This grey wig with bun is essential for spinning the clocks forward and becoming an old granny

Granny Wig

This grey granny wig is perfect for looking distinguished. A versatile wig that can be used as part of many costumes, or even a disguise.

Granny Wig

Dress up as dear old granny with this wig. Now all you need is the wagging finger of disapproval.

Mad Professor Wig

This crazy wig is great for going as a crazy scientist or professor

Old Man Wig

Transform yourself into an elderly gentleman with this grey old man wig

Professor Wig, Moustache and Glasses

This set contains a wig, self adhesive moustache and glasses, great for going as Einstein himself or just as a crazy professor.

Wig Caps

consist of 2 colours in pack flesh and black. A must to keep long hair in place under a wig