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Anarchy Mask

Glow-in-the-dark plastic mask. No batteries required. Charge this mask in the day with natural or any light to be ready for your Halloween fright night.

Bat & Butterfly Masks

These Shiny Bat & Butterfly halloween masks are great for fancy dresd and treating or treating. Shiny Bat & Butterfly Felt Masks in 4 Assorted Designs 2 x Colourful Butterfly & 2 x Bat (Purple & Black

Bear Mask

Bear 1/2 Foam Mask very comfortable to wear

Black Hood

Mask you identity with this black hood, great for robbers and executioner costumes

Black Web Spider Mask

A black wed style spider mask which measures 23cm x 19.5cm. A perfect accessory to go with any Halloween costume or horror themed event.

Bloody Spider Mask

Bloody Spider Mask. Perfect for any Halloween costume featuring spiders, cobwebs and witches.

Creepers Crackedy Ann

This evil-looking version of Raggedy Ann is great for creating an unusual, twisted version of the popular character. Mask includes attached hair and comes in one standardized size.