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80s Street

Perfect for getting hat 80s look, especially suitable for looking like George Michael

Alice Wig – Child

This blonde wig is perfect for Alice in Wonderland costumes. An excellent way of creating an authentic-looking Book Week or storybook costume.

Amy Wig

This amazing beehive wig is perfect for going as the late icon Amy Winehouse herself.

Angel wig with Curly Locks

Look extra angelic with this brilliant blonde curly wig

Antoinette Wigs

Look like an aristocrat of old with this extravagent wig

Aunt Mary Wigs

Look like an eldery auntie with this grey wig with bun

Barbarian Wigs with Beard and Moustache

Look like a fearsome warrior with this barbarian hair set! Can easily be used as part of a warrior or dwarf costume.

Bavarian Babe Wig

Bavarian Babe Wig, Plaited, Brown, with Hidden Wire

Caribbean Pirate Wigs

Includes bandana, beads,beard and moustacheAll you need to look just like a fearsome carribean pirate!

Cave man wig

This wacky wig is perfect for a caveman outfit or even an 80s trock star!

Caveman Wig

With bone through the hair to look like a true caveman (or woman!

Caveman Wig and Beard

Cover your face in thick hair with this wig and beard set and transform tyourself into a prehistoric caveman

Caveman Wig w/ Beard

Ntohing screams caveman more than this wig and beard combo that will have you looking like the Alpha hunter gatherer as you enter the fray.

Caveman Wigs with Beards

Grey, titian, brown, black These shaggy caveman wigs come with matching beard to create the perfect grizzly outfit