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Amelia Earhart

Kit includes goggles, scarf and white aviator flying helmet.


Become a magical angel, perfect for a fancy dress party or nativity.Contains: wings, haloe and magic wand


Look like a big old baby with this fun set. Contauins: bonnet, bib and giant diaper


Become a cute busy bee with this costume kit. Contains: bodice, wings and antennas


Become a cute looking ladybird with this dress up set. Contains: wings and antenna


Become a cute bunny rabbit with this set. Contains: ears, bowtie and tsil


Become a smart looking feline for your animal party or halloween with this kit. Contains: ears, bowtie and tail


Look like a smart and sexy cat with this kit. Contains: ears, bowtie and tail


This hat and wand set is just what you need to magically transform yourself into a cute fairy

French Maid Instant Kit

This instant kit is all you need for the perfect french maid costume on a budget and in a rush! Just add a little black dress and some stockings, pull out that feather duster from last years 'I will get on top of this house' plan that backfired and you are good to go!Includes Pinny and headband.

Frenchman Set

An instant Frenchman disguise. Comes with beret, cravat and moustache.