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Devil Ear Tips – Red

Each pack contains a pair of standard-sized red ear tips. An excellent addition to a devil or demon costume.

Ears – Elf

Soft vinyl ears perfect for going as an elf, be it at Christmas or as part of a Lord of the Rings costume

Goofy Ears

Look like a real goofy nerd with this sticking out ears

Monster Ears – Natural

Each pack comes with a pair of oversized, flesh-coloured monster ears. For those who want to go to a party dressed as the BFG.

Pig Ears

These cute ears are perfect for a pig costume when you don't want a full mask

Pixie Ears – Green

Each pack contains one pair of green pixie ears. Can be used for all sorts of fantastical creatures, from pixies to Elves to goblins.

Pixie Ears – Natural

One pack contains one pair of flesh-coloured pixie ears. Suitable for pixie, elf, goblin or many other fantastical creatures