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Big Witch Nose Prosthetic

As shown. A very authntic-looking witch's nose, with wart and all. An excellent Halloween prosthetic, or those wishing to be one of the witches from Macbeth.(Glue not included.

Deluxe Ear Tips

With adhesive.Ideal for getting realistic looking point ears, a must if you want to dress as an elf or pixie

Dumpy Nose

This self adhesive Dumpy Nose is perfect for a witch or dwarf costume!

Glasses with Noses – Style 1

As shown on the far left of the image. These glasses are a classic disguise, and is guaranteed to make anyone with a funny bone laugh. Funny enough, in fact, to prevent hypnosis by dodgy opticians.

Glasses with Noses Moustache and Eyebrows

A classic novelty item! Perfect for making a silly looking disguise

Latex Child Witches Nose

This witches nose will transform your little princess into a spooky withc this halloween

Mouse Nose

This cute nose is perfect for combining with some ears for a mouse costume when you don't want a full mask.

Ogre Nose

This long self adhesive nose is great for going as a grumpy ogre

Pinocchio Nose

Look like you've told one too many lies with this nose and glue tube

Theatrical ear points

These realistic looking ear tips will help you to look like a spooky with this halloween