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Adult Elf Ears

Tell your fellow Elves and Hobbits you're one of their own with these cute and pointy ears. You'll be transformed in seconds, and it's so much cheaper and safer than surgery.

Aragorn Sword

A symbol of kingship and a working weapon, swords have a mythical place in the lore of Middle Earth. Named Narsil and forged during the First Age, elven smiths reforged its shards to make of it the legendary sword known as Andril.

Child Hobbit Feet

Hairy Hobbit feet. Makes any Hobbit costume that bit more authentic.

Deluxe Lurtz

latex mask, latex chest, armor with drapes, jumpsuit, latex gauntlets, and latex shin guards.


Wander the Shire and cast your gaze across Middle Earth as Gandalf, the wise wizard who leads Bilbo and then Frodo on their adventures. For any Lord of the Rings fan, time spent under this broad-brimmed hat will feel like magic. Consists of robe, hat, belt and pouch.

Gandalf Brooch

Beautifully crafted as if forged in Middle Earth itself comes this breathtaking replica of Gandalf's brooch as featured in The Lord of the Rings. Love the patina. Love the detail.