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Dino Charge Blue Ranger

Stand firm against the evil Sledge! You are Koda, once a caveman, now the Dino Charge Blue Ranger. Step forward and tap the power of the Blue Energem, safe in the knowledge that you have biological immortality! Consists of jumpsuit and mask.

Dino Charge Red Ranger Deluxe

Get ready to activate Dino Steel as you embody adventurous Tyler Navarro's Dino Charge Red Ranger! Will you have what it takes to restore the missing Energems to Keeper, their rightful owner? Morph into the red suit and find out! Consists of jumpsuit with mask.

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

Morph into the Red Power Ranger! Limber up for some athletic moves and you'll be all set for an evening's martial mayhem. With villains aplenty to take on, you had better know your Rita Repulsas from you Rita Revoltos! Go go! Consists of muscle chest jumpsuit and mask.

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger 2nd Skin

Take on the evil Master Xandred's Nighloks in this figure-hugging 2nd Skin edition of Red Samurai Ranger Jayden. As you step into the Netherworld, warm up for those scissor kicks and your best martial art moves! Consists of stretch body suit.

Pink Power Ranger

Put pink in the Megaforce Power Ranger mix and it can only mean one thing. Dress up as Emma Goodall, the nature-loving BMX fiend who's ready and primed for action. Where did she park that Phoenix Mechazord? Consists of mask, top and trousers.

Pink Ranger 2nd Skin

Line up and take a bow as the latest recruit worthy of wearing the pink Power Ranger suit from cult 80s TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Get ready to battle the Tenga Warriors in this flexi-stretchy 2nd Skin jumpsuit perfect for any demanding mission, or fancy dress party. Consists of a 2nd Skin Body Suit for adults.

Pink Ranger Costume

It may be more than 20 years since Zordon first recruited his five teenagers with attitude, but the Pink Power Ranger is as fresh and fragrant as ever. Now it's your turn to step into her Spandex and send your alien enemies reeling! Consists of tunic/dress, leggings and mask.

Power Ranger Mystic Force

Fiber optic muscle chest jumpsuit with detachable cape, gloves and mask.

Power Rangers Costume Classic Pink

"It's Morphin' Time!" The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a 1993 hit TV series by Saban, featuring colourful teenage Superheroes with ninja skills. Wearing his morphin red power suit, Jason Lee Scott is the red ranger and leader of the group. A Hasbro property since 2018, the Power Rangers are a pop culture icon and can be seen on TV, films and video games. Includes Digitally printed full length jumpsuit with design on front of suit Design is printed in shades of pinks and blues Soft felt mask with eye holes to see through. Mask has Velcro and elastic strap to secure at rear This is an officially licensed Power Rangers product

Power Rangers Samurai- Red

Includes: Printed Jumpsuit & Mask Let you Child go as the mighty red power ranger with this costume set. Perfect for parties and just day to day dress up.

Power Rangers Samurai- Red Muscle Chest

Includes: Muscle Chest Jumpsuit & Mask Let you Child go as the mighty red power ranger with this costume set. Perfect for parties and just day to day dress up.

Red Power Ranger Flat Chest

"It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!" Join the teens with attitude as you try to save the Earth from the Warstar. Chosen by the Gosei, you will be the leader, the Red Ranger. Consists of flat chest jumpsuit and mask.

Red Power Ranger Muscle Chest

Master your martial arts like Troy Burrows and lead the Megaforce Power Rangers against their foe, the evil Warstar aliens. Plan your moves behind the mask and see your enemies run as they spot your muscled torso! Consists of muscle jumpsuit, belt and mask.