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Evil Queen

2 PC costume, includes crown and dress with attached collar and cape.

Fairyland Princess – Child

Mirror mirror on the wall this little princess is the fairest of them all. With this fairyland princess dress a child can be the princess she has always dreamed of being and includes: Dress with multilayered skirt, cape and hair ribbon.

Sexy Snow Princess

A sexy version of the classic Snow White outfit Includes: Dress, cape with collar, petticoat & headpiece

Sexy Snow White

2PC.Fairy Tale Snow White includes dress with satin bow pick up detail and matching headband.

Snow Princess

Includes: Dress & Headpeice Transform yourself into the beautiful Snow White with this elegant long dress. Great for fairytale and Disney themed parties

Snow Princess

2 PC costume, includes headpiece and collared dress made with new stretch material.

Snow White

Wear the dress fit only for "the fairest of them all"! You'll look a picture in blue and gold with your puff-sleeves we even include the wig. All you need is to team up with seven of your smallest friends and oh, don't eat any apples! Consists of dress with detachable cape, wig and headband.

Snow White – Bashful Mask

Never too confident around anyone, this is bashful the shy one.Adult sized, Full head Soft EVA mask with attached green hat.

Snow White – Doc Mask

Bound by his oath to care and do no harm doc is the compassionate and caring dwarf. This mask is a full head adult mask made out of soft EVA with attached brown hat.

Snow White – Dopey Mask

For many fans of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the cutest and most loveable of them all will always be Dopey. Get into character right away with this faithful mask.

Snow White – Grumpy Mask

"Hah! Women! A fine kettle of fish." Don the mask and the attitude and you'll turn grumpy just like the most miserable of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs!

Snow White – Happy Mask

The happy-go-lucky dwarf who brings a smile to all (except Grumpy. This mask is an adult full head mask made of of soft EVA with attached lime green hat.

Snow White – Sleepy Mask

Always tired, this is the sleepiest of the seven.Adult Sized, Full head, Soft EVA Mask with attached green hat.

Snow White – Sneezy Mask

Better not get too close to this one, this is sneezy, the sneeziest of the seven.Adult Sized, Full head Soft EVA Mask with attached yellow hat.

Snow White Dress

This Snow White dress and headband set is perfect for any fairytale themed party.